Privacy Policy

1)we operate with direct landlords and land sellers.
2)We deal clear title lands only.
3)we are not dealing with litigation lands.
4)after receiving the legal opinion from lawyer we entertain buyer to buy the land.
5)Incase customer wanted to buy the land and like to proceed for further documentation he or she must deposit 25000 INR for documents and further expenses to company account of Byravi Realtors.
6)After successful deal of the property registration 25000 INR will be deducted in Commission as discussed.
7)We Never send any Excicutives to collect the money with bill.
8)everything will be account to Account
9)Incase land buyer wanted give the gpa to purchase the land it will be registered the gpa paper any nearest government sub registrar office.
10)We deal bulk agriculture lands acre wise cost and average rate scenario.
11)we never reveal the payment information outside
12)Byravi Realtors will not involve third party in the transactions.
13)Formula of this realestate company in deal commercial and agriculture lands would be buyer and seller between buravi Realtors.
14)While memorandum of understanding byravi Realtors will give the cost discussion letter to both seller and buyer with photocopies and original copy will keep with the company .
15)Incase of seller creates anyissues or Buyer creates any issues Byravi Realtors will never entertain such Deals.
16)We are entertaining long chain brokers.
17) Byravi Realtors expertise in dealing Bulk Agriculture lands,Commercial lands,Villas,Apartments,Residential Sites .
18)We deal lands in south india.